Small Business Computer Support

Enfold got its start back in 2002 exclusively servicing the needs of small businesses with 20 computers or less along with residential clients as Enfold Computer Solutions. Today Enfold has expanded to include three separate divisions including a storefront franchise of Enfold Computer Solutions, a website development, and internet marketing division known as Enfold Web Design, and our commercial IT Management division.

As a small business that started in McKinney, TX – we remember every day what it is like to be a small business and have always maintained a strong focus on both the local economies we service and on small business development. We believe businesses with 20 or fewer computers are the heart and soul of our firm and it is our mission to help our small business clients level the playing field with technology.

Here are several key reasons to give us a call if you own a small business:

  • We understand not only what it is like running a small business, but how to help you get to the next level, both from an operations standpoint, and a marketing standpoint. We know because we’ve done it ourselves and manage technology for over 500 organizations. For more on the marketing aspect of how we can help, visit our about us section of our marketing division to learn a little about how we got here.
  • The small business is the real winner in the new wave of cloud technology. Never before has it been so easy for a small business to compete directly with the world’s largest international companies and win. Technology is what levels the playing field and we are the company that can help you get there.
  • Because we get it right the first time. Over 96% of all calls for service are resolved within less than 4 hours with 98% of all total calls for service being fixed without a return visit company-wide. We stand by our guarantee: We fix it right, or it’s free.
  • Without a trusted technology partner you are at a serious disadvantage no matter what industry you are in. It’s a fact, that the companies with the better technology can respond faster, process more, work with less, be more efficient, and maintain higher profitability. Doesn’t it make sense to have a technology company with who you regularly consult about the latest innovations and practices to keep your business operating the best way it can be?
  • Because we care about your future success and take it personally. Your future success is the only thing that ensures our future success and we understand that. Your success contributes to the communities that we live in, the quality of life our staff leads, and even future positions in our company. Our client’s success is also the reason that more than 80% of all new clients are brought in by a personal referral from an existing client. Nothing can be more important to us than your success because we want to be your technology provider for life.